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Which 3G/3GS repair is right for me?

I often get some questions about which iPhone repair is right for a person and I figured I would see if I can help out with that.

iPhone 3G or 3GS

Cracked Screen

This means your glass on the front is probably broken/cracked but you probably aren’t experiencing other problems. In this repair, we replace your touch screen and digitizer and is the most common iPhone repair.

Dead Digitizer

It is possible that your phone may not be responding to your touch, either in specific spots or anywhere on the glass surface. This is the standard repair we perform to replace your touch screen and digitizer.

LCD Replacement

When you brake your screen, it often can come with problems with your LCD screen. Basically, your phone has two pieces of glass (touch screen and digitizer) over the LCD screen. This screen may show signs of graying, may be solid white, or may not come on at all. Sometimes, it comes on just very dim and can only be seen when held against a bright light. This typically means you need a new LCD screen but can sometimes be indicative of a bad logic board (you don’t want a bad logic board).

We offer tons of other repairs, but some may need to be priced indiviualy, so send us a text or email with a description of your 3G or 3GS problem and let us tell you what we can do for you. From broken plastic backs to no wifi signal, we fix it all.

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Is this 3G or 3GS?

Some people aren’t positive which iPhone they have, well Apple has something to help you determine this on their website.

Check this out if need to figure out which one you have!

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Welcome to Screen Fixing!

Broken iPhone screen? We offer most repairs on 3G and 3Gs starting at $65.

Local Repairs
Currently we work by reservation only. You can make a reservation by texting 404-969-9FIX (349). You can also email [email protected] to set up a time. We do all repairs are done at the Midway Pub.