Screen and Mobile Repair Services is an independently owned and operated device and mobile repair business. Our team of quality trained technicians will repair your phone, tablet, laptop, or other device in a timely manner using the highest quality parts available. We handle Apple, Android, T-Mobile, Sony, Toshiba, Motorola and Samsung repairs, among others. Screens are just the beginning, as we handle the small electronics repairs as well. We are certified for many brand devices repairs and take that commitment and expertise to everything we do. We place our entire focus on quality and customer service, which is why you may see our prices differ from our competitors. Want to know more about our small electronics repair? Read about our microsoldering services.

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Nate Minor

Nate started ScreenFixing, like most of you become our customers, on accident, dropping his first iPhone 3G and cracking the screen. He searched for a quality place to repair it and they just didn't exist. After completing the repair, he wanted to make sure other's had access to the quality he was about to source. The business grew from a small business that operated out of a booth at a restaurant, to a 26 foot long step van, followed by our current retail location.

General Manager


Logan joined our team in 2016 totally green. He has since become our General Manager and one of our most well-rounded technicians. He can perform complex micro-soldering repairs, patiently walk any of our customers through something at the counter, and most anything in between. Logan moved to Atlanta close to 10 years ago and joined a local amateur circus company where he performed juggling among other group and solo acts. In his free time, he enjoys hiking and relaxing with his dogs, and occasionally booking gigs for juggling. Maybe you'll see him around! Nowadays you can find him in his natural habitat, our shop in East Atlanta.

Repair Tech


Heather came aboard in 2019, with an already serious interest in electronics repair. Despite no experience in the industry at the time, she's worked hard to be able to provide the same level repairs we’ve always been offering our customers at ScreenFixing. Heather is always ready to talk about things that interest her, so feel free to pick her brain! Heather has a few interesting pets as well, feel free to ask her all about them! You can typically find her at our East Atlanta location.