And Touch Screen Repair

Micro-soldering repair is a unique service shops like us can offer. Using a microscope and very small tools, we are able take our training and service the smallest components on the logic boards of modern day devices. We do touch screen repair and handle electronics problems in general, down to specific product issues such as iPhone screen repair. Ranging from capacitors the size of a speck of dust, to the complex chips that make your phone what it is. Here are some of the common problems we offer repairs for:

  • Touch Screen Repair
  • Touch Disease on iPhone 6 and 6 Plus
  • Audio IC on iPhone 7
  • Split Sandwich issues on iPhone X and up
  • Not Charging
  • Not Powering On
  • Blank Display
  • Blown Backlight

So if you’re having mobile device issues, small electronics operations problems or touch screen repair needs in general, chances are we can fix it. Anything else just ask! Want more? Read more about our Mac & PC repair services.