Phone Repair

In a lot of cases this is very difficult. If you can't see the display or use the touch screen (digitizer) we might be able to assist you in recovering your precious data. We use some of the most sophisticated processes to access data or repair the phone.
Most screen repairs come with the safety of knowing your data will be safe. If you are concerned about data we always advise backing up the phone prior to any work being done with it. If you need more information about backing up and how to secure your data, feel free to contact us.
This is a great question and one we get frequently. The quality of screens available on the market, especially for iDevices, vary drastically. For instance, you can have an aftermarket LCD with aftermarket glass made by one of a few different companies. You can have original pulls, meaning they came off working phones. You could have original OEM refurbished screens, which has historically been the most common type of screen used in our repair company. These screens have an original LCD and very high quality glass refurbished to the manufacturers specifications. We will always use the highest grade of screen available in the market to repair your phone. With us, you don't have to worry about issues from aftermarket screens unless you opt to purchase one.
Phone repair is something that you don't want to trust to just anyone, especially if you haven't been backing up your device. Our employees are well trained and have years of phone and tablet, as well as other electronics experience. They will handle your phone with the utmost care and provide you with a complete repair, meaning no missing scews, no missing shields, and no damage to the phone as a result of their work. In the arena of small electronics, you almost always get what you pay for...
We do perform microsoldering repairs from “touch disease” to backlights that have failed. We can help you just as we help businesses in the Atlanta and Southeast areas recover from accidental damage.
Seldom do we repair a water damaged phone for the sake of the phone, as you will likely have issues down the road. That said, we take each phone as a case by case basis and review them for repairability. If you haven't been backing up and your data is of importance, we have the ability to use incredibly awesome equipment to identify problems and potentially retrieve data.
We offer a lifetime warranty on all display repairs. This covers you against manufacturing defects, but not accidental damage. Batteries, consumables, and other microsoldering repairs have variable warranties.
Our technicians are trained to handle almost anything you throw at them. Android devices are more than welcome in our store! Call or text us for quotes or if you have any questions.
Absolutely, just contact us and let us know that you plan to ship it in, we will get a bit of info from you and provide you with mailing instructions.

Tablet or iPad Repair

We can help you out, pretty much no matter what the issue. If you have a broken display on your tablet, feel free to bring it in and let us see how we can help. Most tablets and iPads are reasonably priced, so bring them in!

MAC or PC Repair

Of course! We would be glad to review any screen related damage and make sure you are estimated with a fair price and a reasonable turnaround time. Laptop screens for PCs typically range from $109 to $139 but can be more. Mac laptop screens range from around $100 to upwards of $700 depending on the model, so we highly recommend you bring your device in for us to identify and source the correct parts.
Yes, we run a full scan and complete updates to computers. We will insure that the system is running clean when it leaves our store. Sometimes, things are bad, and your operating system may need to be reinstalled. But don't worry, we do that as well!
We certainly can upgrade your computer with an SSD to improve speed and performance as well increase stability. Add RAM to that order and get even more of a performance boost.